There Is More To The Latest CSGO Update Than You Know

In the light of the newly released update from Valve on October 9th last year, gamers are divided on whether the new update will really shake up the pro scene. We think that this update for the Counter-Strike Global Offensive has significant changes. This is such happy news for the disappointed gamers that expected something since Operation Hydra was released on May 2017. Some changes have altered the game that might bring about changes in the economy and the climate of the competition. Here are some of them:



Before the update, the losing bonuses had been $1400 in the first round, $1900 in the second, $2400 on the third, and $2900 and $3400 for the fourth and fifth rounds, respectively. These bonuses are what a team gets after losing a round. Valve has made some changes on the values perhaps to better help the losing teams to get back into the game. Others think that the changes help avoid subsequent rounds to be less white-washed by reducing the significance of pistol rounds.

In the updated bonuses, the losing team will get $1900 in the first round, and $2400 and $2900 on the second and third rounds, respectively. In the fourth and fifth rounds, the losing team will get $3400.


Besides bonuses, there were also changes to the weapons. Some gamers think that the updates on weapons have more bearing than the bonuses. One of the significant changes is the increase in the recoil of CZ75a. Its fire inaccuracy has also increased which enables semi-automatic fire at medium and long ranges. Valve has also announced that the CZ75a gun has a slightly better accuracy recovery rate.

There were also some changes to Tec9. Its fire accuracy has also been improved. There were also slight improvements in its recovery rate.

Prices of some of the rifles have also changed. AUG, for one, has a lower price of $3150. SG553 also has had its price lowered to $2750 which makes it only slightly more expensive than AK-47. With such changes, the game may find more players using AUG and SG553 which will have ramifications in the competitive climate.

Map Pool

The update also brought to changes to the Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s map pool. For one, Austria has replaced Canals and opened its gates to Competitive play. While Austria is in for Competitive matchmaking, Shipped and Insertion has been removed. Moreover, Biome and Subzero community maps have also been added to the Sigma group for the Casual play.

Audio Settings

Valve has also made changes to the audio settings. It has added a Voice Over IP Positional setting. When enabled, you will be able to hear the voice chat from the player’s location.

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