Getting Better At Dota 2 In 2019

It’s that time of the year when we have the firmest resolve to do something than ever. Rather than aiming for a healthier diet or a regular exercise, why don’t you take advantage of the times and the surge of determination to be better at something you really love?  Brushing up on Dota 2 is not as complicated and not as fun; it’s a party! Here are some ideas:

Advance Your Skills

On the surface, playing better may just look like spending a lot of time every day on Dota 2. But, it is also more than that. It is also about knowing what in-game skill you want to improve on. It may be about warding or dewarding, getting better at team positioning, or getting the hang of using new heroes. Focusing on skills improvement also feels more rewarding and sustainable than just increasing your MMR.

Cultivate Sportsmanship

There’s a lot of talk about the lack of sportsmanship among Dota 2 players. Sometimes, the pervasiveness of trash-talking has become a basis of pride because it sifts the faint-hearted from the rest. Although it usually ruins the game, trash-talking may continue to prevail in tournaments, but it doesn’t always bring home the bacon. Intelligence, dexterity, and sportsmanship are the marks of a better Dota 2 player.

Watch Tournaments In Other Regions

Watching entire tournaments provide heaps of lessons on skills and techniques. While other people put tournament telecasts just on the background, you may consider fully tuning in on them. Make that as your resolution.

Besides watching entire tournaments, also consider learning from those in other regions. You might catch something different and interesting from watching other regional tournaments that you don’t normally tune into. This year, pick a region and try to dig deeper into their history and game plays.

Make Your Own Goals

Of course, you know yourself better than anyone else. It is important that you own your goals rather than following someone else’s blueprint, although that isn’t a very bad idea. Being inspired by other players also helps you develop humility.

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