The CSGO Latest Halloween-Themed Update

Valve has released an update to Counter-Strike Global Offensive that brought changes which are more fun and light-hearted. The latest update became available on the 23rd of October where the changes look spooky to fit the approaching Halloween feels. These changes include:

New Features In Biome And Subzero

There are changes done to the recently added . In Subzero, a body of water no longer kills players upon contact and the radar overview has been updated. There were also reconsiderations on the deathmatch spawns. For Biome, the “out of map” exploit has been fixed. A couple of user interface changes have also been done.

Cobblestone Overhaul

Valve has made a layout overhaul in Cobblestone. For example, access to most of T spawn area has been removed, and T spawn positions have been moved up. The developers have added a window and decreased the height of doors in Underpass. They have also removed the door leading to Underpass, among other changes.

Chicken Overcoat

One fun change is seen on the new chickens which flaunt a ghost-like garb. You’ll also find that the chickens will less likely walk through walls.

Do you think these changes were worth it or should the focus of developers be somewhere else?

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