Two Cents On Hearthstone Standard

The new Hearthstone expansions are met with issues concerning the changes in the game’s meta. This has led us to look at and offer our two cents on Standard.

Standard was presented as an end-all tool to balance the meta. At the beginning of each year, there would be a big balance patch for the standard set. From there, Standard was supposed to assure the variety of decks in the game. However, this was not the case. It appears that Standard cannot balance the meta.

Since the new expansion set, One Night in Karazhan, Blizzard has released nerfs with it. This is not ideal with rotating sets. Nerfs cause a card to become less powerful. Standard is supposed to balance the meta with deck variety after the balance patch is released. However, even this is not sufficient.

The thing is, occasional balance patches don’t really work because they are rare and the players do not know when to expect changes when the meta becomes stale. If there was a defined schedule of balance changes, players are encouraged to explore the meta on their own rather than waiting for the developers to fix the stale meta.

These Hearthstone issues are partly due to the lack of balance in the classic sets. With cards like Polymorph or Hellfire in the permanent arsenal, for instance, classes never really fall behind. In the opposite end, unstable classes are brought down by issues in their classic sets. They are expected to be in a low tier and then receive some power support that pushes them on top. This will remain until they are nerfed or when the Polymorph or Hellfire are rotated.

This is why many players, including us, are calling out to Blizzard. Some said that late year expansions are fine as long as they are nerfed after the world finals while more people have said that they don’t need any more cube locks.

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