Most Popular Gaming Youtube Stars

The popularity of online gaming, PlayStation, Xbox, and other gaming platform have helped in developing popular gaming YouTubers. These are gamers who engage in recording gameplay, making game commentaries and reviews, and creating other popular contents through their YouTube channel. This article is going to revel how this all Youtubers make money with what they are doing. These gaming YouTubers eventually start gaining subscribers and acquiring millions of fans and followers and eventually start earning money through advertising and sponsorships. The list below is the most popular gaming YouTube stars to date.


Arguably the most popular gaming YouTube star right now with over 60 million YouTube subscribers and an estimated 2017 income of around $12 million. His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and was famous for his gaming commentary. The controversial gamer was also named as the sixth highest paid YouTuber in 2017 but was still the most popular among the gaming YouTube stars.


He is a Spanish YouTuber whose real name is Ruben Doblas Gundersen. He has around 27.4 million subscribers and specializes on recording gameplay, commentary, and game reviews on the different genre such as horror and indie games. From time to time, he also makes contents about some personal stuff in his vlogs that reveal more about himself.


Luis Fernando Flores is a popular gaming YouTube star from ElSalvador who has more than 26.4 million YouTube subscribers. He is best known for making fun and wacky game-related videos that also include his dog as his company. He also has an Apple gaming application called Fernanfloo which is available for download.


Real name is German Garmendia and has around 24.6 million subscribers in his YouTube gaming channel. He is considered as Latin America’s biggest YouTube star whose original YouTube channel named HolaSoyGerman has over 33 million subscribers. Aside from being a gamer, he is also a comedian and a performer, being a member of a Chilean alternative band called Ancud.


Evan Fong is a popular gaming YouTube star that has around 22.3 million subscribers. He was the second highest paid YouTuber in 2017 and has a video series in his channel called “Funny Moments” where he shows his amazing editing skills. He also has a series of animated videos that also has 60 million views.


His real name is Samuel de Luque Batuicas, a 28-year-old gaming YouTuber from Spain. He has around 21 million subscribers in his YouTube channel and is popular with his “Minecraft” videos. He also played other games such as Grand Theft Auto, Rainbow Six, and Resident Evil.


Real name is Mark Fischbach, a Los Angeles-based YouTuber who was the fourth highest paid in 2017. He is popular in making original comedy sketches and animated parodies that are related to gaming videos.


Sean William Mcloughlin is a 27-year-old YouTuber from Ireland who is known for his high-energy game commentary and reviews. He has currently around 18 million YouTube subscribers in his YouTube channel.


The list above is the most popular gaming YouTube stars right now. These are the people you can check in YouTube for contents about gaming-related stuff. If you are an aspiring gaming YouTuber, these people are also the ones you can look up to as great inspirations.

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