Link Between Gaming Addiction and Drug Abuse

A habitual dependence on something may lead to addiction. Drug addiction is the most common of its kind, and people who visit marijuana 101 are aware that it could lead to someone’s death. However, deaths that are related to gaming are also a bit alarming.

There are about 2 out of 500 death cases related to gaming around the globe, and this rate is becoming greater in number as time goes by. However, there is no further study yet that addiction to gaming could be concluded as somehow similar to drug addiction. Most probably, it’s because, in drug addiction, the person involved has direct contact to the object which is being injected, inhaled, or ingested while in gaming, it’s all about the willingness of the person involved to continue or stop the habit.

Scientifically speaking, the human brain is responsible for this. This is because games and drugs are capable of inactivating the brain cells and the brain’s impulse control which encourages the person to do or acquire it all over again. This is where we can link gaming and drug addiction though we need further studies to prove this claim.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

It is difficult to identify if the person has an addiction already because he still needs to undergo tests, evaluation, and analysis. Usually, a person is identified when the case is already profound. This happens because even the person involved is not aware of or is in denial that he has it.  Here are the most common signs and symptoms of addiction:

Unusual Behavior

If you notice a friend who does things that he doesn’t usually do and continually does them without any reason, he may be suffering from something. However, you need to observe further because this could only be a false conclusion. The changes in someone’s behavior on a daily basis and on how a person responds to a situation could be used as data to know if he is addicted to something.

Physical Signs

Do you know that poor hygiene could be a symptom of addiction? It is not proven yet, but according to studies, most people who suffer from addiction have tendencies to set aside their welfare just to feed their urges and desires to play games in the case of game addition or intake drugs in drug addiction. It is not common for a person with a normal state of being to set aside hygiene because it’s a necessity. So if you notice a friend or a family who is willing to disregard cleanliness over playing games and spending time alone, you should start investigating.


It is normal for a person to have time alone. But in times when you notice a friend who behaves differently, does things he doesn’t usually do or isolates himself from the people around him, then he may be experiencing something and may need help.

Treatment for Gaming and Drug Addiction

The treatment usually conducted on drug addiction is the same as how gaming addiction is treated. There is also a behavioral modification, counseling, and sometimes medicinal treatment depending on how serious the case is. The key for both treatments is to keep away all the stuff that may trigger the person to feed his addictive needs.

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