Best Game Server Hosting Providers There Are

Finding the best web hosting service is vital for the success of any website, and the same applies to the gaming industry. Game developers also have to find a game server hosting provider that can satisfy their needs. However, unlike hosting for a typical website, it can be tiresome and challenging to look for a good server hosting designed for video games.

If you are a game developer, then here’s a list of the best game server hosting services to help you out:

Game Servers

Game Servers is probably the best game server hosting provider with an amazing reputation in the gaming industry. It has several fast game servers in over 36 different locations,

Game Servers support many games, most of which are among the most popular in the industry. They also offer a 24/7 support service to solve any issues that might arise. However, it’s relatively expensive for someone on a tight budget.

Blue Fang Solutions

This a web hosting service that mainly serves North America. It is, however, a great game server hosting service if you are in this location. It supports a significant database of games, but its services don’t come cheap.

Multiplay Game Servers

Multiplay Game Servers offer servers at worldwide locations. You can either rent or purchase the service. As of now, the service supports thousands of the most popular games developed in the last decade. While they have a good reputation with a 98% rating, the prices are on the expensive side.

Survival Servers

Survival Servers is a company that has been in business for around six years. It was launched in 2012 and has since earned a good reputation with high-quality services and an excellent website interface.

It supports a good collection of popular games. You can order the service within a short time, set it up, and run it with minimum effort. You will, however, part with a relatively high sum to use the service.

GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming is arguably one of the best web hosting service providers for video games. It has been providing gaming servers for over a decade now. It is unique from other server hosting providers in that it offers several services, game server hosting, TeamSpeak servers, and dedicated servers.

GTX Gaming supports a massive collection of games with 24/7 support. The hosting servers can be accessed worldwide. Anything good will rarely come cheap, so the service is somehow expensive.

MC Pro Server Hosting

The interface for this service is provided by the MC Pro Server. It is popular with beginners since it is easy to set up. It offers 24/7 support and a dictionary of games to choose from. Their hosting services are available worldwide, and the prices are affordable.

The only disadvantage is that they constantly experience hacking.


These are the six of the best game server hosting providers in the market. With the seemingly growing gaming industry, you can expect this service to grow more in the years to come. For now, if you want to make your game go live online, these are the ones you can rely on.

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