Rise of Kingdoms: Beginner’s Guide

Just as how conquering kingdoms is done in the game, Rise of Kingdoms has also conquered the attention of gamers around the world. It went viral on Google Play Store, landing it at the fifth spot in strategy games ranking.

Game User Interface and Design

Any gamer will truly appreciate the splendid UI and graphical design of the Rise of Kingdoms. Playing it will give a rewarding feeling to the gamer. The game features a huge map wherein players can zoom in closely on individual cities.

The ‘world view’ of the game offers the view of the general view of the entire game map. The transition from the ‘world view’ to individual cities is done seamlessly when used in BlueStacks. This enhances the gaming experience as the user is not restricted to small mobile screen views.

What is the game all about?

Conquer the world and become your own civilization’s history author.

This is basically what the game is all about. You are tasked to build a great civilization that will conquer other civilizations and even the entire world!

Game Features

The game offers a unique gaming experience for the user. This includes features that are unique to the game. The list includes:

1. Starting Civilization

The game initially features nations that you can start with. You can choose from the list: Germany, Japan, Korea, Rome, Britain, France, Spain, Arabia, China, Byzantium, or Rome. Building the most powerful civilization is the ultimate goal of the game. With the strongest civilization at hand, you can conquer other nations.

2. Real Time Strategy

In this game, battles are happening in an open, wide, huge, and detailed map with other real-time players.

It is strategic yet simple to play. While playing, the user will encounter obstacles such as rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, and other strategic circumstances. Real-time battles are sure to intensify the overall gaming experience.

3. Virtual Playing Modes

The game also offers different playing modes, which include PvP and Expedition modes. Plus, the different heroes which you can choose from will truly give you a spectacular gaming experience.

Any player will say that no strategic game comes easy. The real-time experience that the Rise of Kingdoms offer adds a notch of difficulty to the game. Real-time players are not like computer bots programmed at a certain level of intelligence. Real-time gamers are real people with real strategic schemes in winning.

Hence, it is important that you acquire enough knowledge to strategize well on how you can improve both your citizens and infrastructures to make your nation progress.

To succeed in playing, try to consider the following:

  • Resources are available anywhere. All you need is to find the right resources for a specific development you want to happen.
  • Citizens and infrastructures (military and economic) are pivotal to your civilization’s progress. Be sure to build capacities on both aspects. Neglecting one for the other will lead you to your civilization’s demise.
  • Upgrade the abilities of your army to make your troops powerful.
  • It is sometimes wise to battle with one enemy force at a time. Luring out all your enemies at once will decrease your chance of winning; unless, of course, if your civilization is strong enough to do it. But, as a novice player, it is not wise to engage with all your enemies simultaneously.
  • Useful alliances are leverage to winning the game.
  • Explore the world and un-fog the map. By doing so, you’ll be able to scout for potential enemies.
  • After each battle, restore your wounded troops’ health.
  • Be sure to stand against invaders. Your walls and watchtowers are there to protect. Be sure to upgrade them.

These useful tricks will help you progress like a pro-ROK player! With the game’s features, you are sure to get hooked to it!

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