Impressive Mobile Gaming Growth in 2019

Ever since the mass popularization of mobile apps and smartphones, the gaming industry also grew along with the growth of mobile games. These days, mobile games are prominent as there are many mobile users who enjoy playing on optimized screens whilst getting items and buying in-game purchases via Fragrr: digital gaming marketplace and other gaming marketplace. Here’s how the mobile gaming industry shook the entire world:

The Growth of the Mobile Gaming Industry

Back before 2016, mobile games paled in comparison to console games. In fact, they were often shunned by most typical gamers. However, things changed during 2016 when app store games started making their appearance. Due to app store games, the mobile video game industry garnered half of the total revenues of the overall video game industry.

In 2017, the mobile gaming industry grew even more. Revenues went up by 27% while the download rates went up by 14%. They even included more in-game purchases through these games’ respective gaming marketplaces. Growth further shot up with the demand for augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go. This allowed the mobile industry to experiment with more innovative technologies.

By the end of 2018, statistics and trends reported that more than 50% of the overall gaming industry’s revenues come from mobile games. Others such as console games and PC games only account for 25% and 24% of the overall gaming industry’s revenues respectively. This shows that mobile games were even also able to penetrate a non-gamer market which is something that the traditional console and PC games were not able to do.

The Future of the Mobile Gaming Industry

With that said, it looks like the mobile gaming industry definitely has a very bright future ahead of it, especially with new technologies hitting the mobile market in the years to come. In fact, a report by the Global Games Market Report stated that the mobile gaming industry continues to lead in revenues up until 2019. They also estimate that by the year end of 2021, the mobile gaming market will be able to reach a total of $100 billion yearly revenues.

What’s even more interesting is that the report found that most mobile games that have reached a high level of revenues were actually free to download. The revenues came from the in-game purchases that the games provided. Some of these include points, costumes, added lives, and upgrades among other things. With the ease of payment via credit cards, players are more likely to buy these upgrades since it is so easily handed to them.


As the mobile market continues to grow, so does the mobile gaming industry. Due to newer innovations such as augmented reality and the likes, more and more non-gamers are trying out mobile games. The thing about mobile games is that they can be accessed anywhere. Since people are on their phones most the time, it’s entirely possible for a person waiting in a line or sitting down on a train to just whip out his and try a new game. That practicality in itself is one of the biggest factors of mobile gaming growth.

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