Your Ultimate Guide to Garena Free Fire

Do you like playing survival shooting games? If you have enjoyed playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and descargar free fire, then you must try Garena Free Fire. This game is also free for Android and Apple users and can be downloaded from their respective app stores.

Just like most battle royale games, you are going to have a battle against 49 players in each game. Take note that the game has received over 73 million downloads, making the games more challenging and thrilling.

If you want to get in on the action, then this ultimate guide will help you:

You Can Play with No Email and Password Required

Garena Free Fire allows players to register without an email and password. This makes the signup process less hassle, unlike other battle royale games.

There are Microtransactions Involved

To sustain or improve the skills of your character, you can choose to buy better weapons using real-world money. Though it’s not necessary, it can certainly give you an edge.

You Can Own a Pet

Garena Free Fire allows players to own a pet. It is one of the unique features of the game. The pets are intended to be trained and played with, and similar to real-world pets, you have to feed yours in the game as well.

The Use of a Lobby

Upon entering the game, you will be sent to the lobby. Within a set time, you may get the weapons and armor that you need. It is also the time to get used to the keys and controls. This place is also where other players are sent to.

Land to Ambush

Once you exit the lobby, you will be transported via an airplane. Your player will be sent to jump out of it and land with a parachute. This is also your chance to choose the area that you will land on. Various areas have buildings, houses, and infrastructures that contain weapons, armors, and health boosters.

A Safe Zone Gets Smaller and Smaller

The purpose of the safe zone is for players to move closer to each other. While ambushing other players, you must also stay safe within the safe zone. Staying outside the safe zone will give automatic damage to your player.

Win the Match by Number of Kills

Like other survival games, once the time has ended, the player with the highest number of kills wins. Don’t get discouraged if your first match gives you a zero kill. First-person shooting battle royale games require lots of practice, and it might take time before you can get skilled in this type of game.

Find Mushrooms

Rifles and vehicles can be found on the arena, but mushrooms are the best thing that can be found. Mushrooms can be paired with armors that will give you various upgrades.

Earn and Use XP Wisely

XP can be earned after every battle, allowing players to level up. Meanwhile, gold can be used to buy items.

With this ultimate guide, you can then start your journey becoming the best Garena Free Fire player. Remember to be wise and attentive inside the arena. Play, survive, and answer the call of duty!

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