Roblox Has Now Around 100 Million Worldwide Users Every Month

While simulation online games have been in demand by both the players and developers, a recent revelation came as a shock to even its creators. Roblox, the 3D simulation gaming platform, has just reached a milestone that just confirms the shift in the tide. This makes most Roblox players particularly susceptible to games labeled how to get free robux or clicking on links sent by random users that purportedly contain free Robux.

Recently, an announcement was made on the company’s official website which showed that Roblox was now attracting more than 100 million unique users every month! That is a milestone that even some of the biggest gaming industries in this category have not been able to achieve as of yet.

A Humble Beginning

According to the company’s CEO, Roblox started as a simple community platform to bring players and creators from all walks of life together on a unified platform. Its vision was to connect people globally so that they could co-create a unique experience for all of them.

The game started with only 100 active users in 2006. Fast forward 10 years, the game had around 10 million active users every month. Since the end of 2016, the game started experiencing a huge surge in the new members joining the platform each month.

Come 2019, it crossed the monthly average users generated by Minecraft, one of the biggest games in this category. Just recently it broke down a milestone that astonished even the creators of the platform – 100 million active users every month!

Why Is This a Big Deal?

While it definitely took its time, the game has shown the potential that these role-playing and crafting games have. Having active users with a number that surpasses the combined population of the three largest cities in the world is a huge deal.

If the number of users was counted as the population of any country, then the country would be the top travel destination for people around the world. That said, it is a great deal of pride for the community members who have spent hours developing and popularizing the games on this platform.

Another astonishing fact is that almost half the members in this community are females who are located in more than 200 countries all over the world. This ratio is a sign of the community-friendly games available on the platform for them to play on.

How Did the Company Achieve This?

The biggest reason behind Roblox’s massive success is the simple and open platform that allows independent developers to publish their games on this platform. Not only this has opened the space to attract more users, but it has also allowed the addition of multiple creative games that exist on a single platform.

While the creative part of the company was well set in place since its inception, it has also been pumping a significant amount of money into its development phase as well. Around $100 million have been pumped into the company since the past 2 years.

With the perfect combination of creative games and a well-devised strategic marketing plan, the company has achieved this astonishing feat of more than 100 million active users per month. And having a look at the trends, this number is not going to pause anytime soon.

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