Why Should You Be Modifying Games?

Together with the continuous improvement of today’s technology, gaming with controller from MegaMods has become a critical part of the virtual world.

Gaming has been improving from 2D all the way to 5D! Gaming improvements like this wouldn’t be possible without the concept of gaming mods.

Gaming mods are those changes made in an existing game to make it more attractive, engaging, and enjoyable. Not only that but it also prolongs the life of the game itself!

Creator Vs. Modder

The game creator is the one who has set the original concept of the game. He is the one who provided for the basic gaming instructions, player controls, and scoring. The Modder, on the other hand, is the one who modified the game in any way possible—be it in the rules, in the number of players, or even in the scoring criteria.

A modder is said to inject legal addictive stimulants to the game—the thing which the creator omitted to do. Examples of game modifications that modders do are rule changes like creating levels, modifying characters, creating new game controls through objects, and sometimes they even make a unique game from the same game engine.

Most of the time, there are no legal affairs being affected in this gaming mod process since game copyrights are set through a company’s name and not just to one person. Although with that being said, creators and modders, in a way, become co-founders of the game.

Benefits of Gaming mods

Gaming mods benefit all parties involved in one gameplay—the creator, the modder, the player, and the game itself. To be able to prolong the game’s life, creators enable their games to be openly modified. This benefits the creator and the modder with through profit sharing and increasing their patent value.

A survey was made for gamers all over the USA and it was revealed that they are more into games that have a wide range of characters, controls, and collectible objects. With that, modders enter the gaming industry as essential programmers.

Famous Gaming companies such as Sony, Microsoft, Java, and Tencent hire modders separately from their game creators. They do this to give way to talented minds that can create certain game specifications that may attract the masses more.

The Gaming Industry

Gaming in today’s century has been beneficial not only for those who need entertainment but also for economic stability. Gaming centers worldwide highlights the countries Japan, Korea, USA, and China. Creating games can cost a lot but it also earns a lot—way more than the profit expected.

Modding games isn’t illegal—modding pirated games is. Modding can be illegal if in the first place the game isn’t openly available for modding. Some of the most famous games today wouldn’t be as engaging as they are if it weren’t for gaming mods.

A game would exist even without a modder; although, a famous, attractive and stable one—wouldn’t. Gaming mods are essential to make a game last.

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