Why is PUBG Popular, and Is It Even Worth Playing?

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, popularly known as PUBG, is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed by the PUBG Corporation. It is a last-player-standing shooter game that was developed through community feedback. You can download PUBG PC free from the site mentioned.

Each player must fight their way to obtain and locate weapons and other supplies to become fully equipped. If you become fully equipped, there are higher chances for you to become the lone survivor and win the game.

The Gameplay

A game will consist of 100 random players. You will board a plane which will drop you and other players on an island. At present, there are three maps to choose from: Sanhokk, Erangel, and Marimar. If you reach the ground, you have to loot things since you will have nothing in your possession upon being thrown from the plane.

You must find weapons, attachments, medicine, clothing, armor, and bags throughout the island. You need a bit of luck to find weapon parts to build a fully functional weapon.

To ensure intense combat, a few minutes later in the game, a circle will emerge to ensure that the players gather on a specific part of the island. You have to be inside the circle; otherwise, you will lose your health and lose the game. The main objective of the PUBG is to loot and be the last player standing.

To win, you must maintain a balance between intelligence, stealth, fighting skill, and a good dose of luck.

What Makes PUBG Popular?

The fact that PUBG offers several aspects of gaming that its competitors failed to consider makes it so popular. One of the main reason why PUBG is so popular is because not a single minute in this game will be dull.

From the moment you are thrown away from the plane, you won’t be given time to idle. The island’s safe zone is getting smaller each time, and you are forced to fight to win the game. You can’t sit and wait for your opponent to attack – you won’t know where your opponents are going to be.

Everything in this game is random: there are 100 players with different tactics in mind, diverse situations appear, and you won’t know what items you will find. The randomness of the game makes it even more interesting. In addition, PUBG allows a player to group up in two or four people. However, it considers those who play solo and won’t match them against a group.

In addition, PUBG comes with a PC, mobile, and PlayStation4 version. Both PUBG for PC and PlayStation4 are paid versions, costing nearly $30 each. Therefore, if you can’t afford it, the mobile version is available – it’s free for both Android and iOS phones!

Is PUBG Really Worth Playing?

PUBG is famed as one of the best battle royale games ever released, and yes, it is really worth playing. The gameplay itself is the best among its competitors. If you are looking for a game that offers maximum game mechanics, tactical playstyle, realism, and best battle experience, PUBG is the best one in the market.

Despite the bugs, PUBG players are growing with time. There are approximately 2.9 million daily users who enjoy playing PUBG. Everyone is going crazy over the game, and it’s undoubtedly a mistake if you miss this epic talked-of-the-town game!

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