Want to Stream Your Gaming Session? Here’s How

Streaming is a growing trend that a lot of both relaxed and fanatic gamers would like to enter; however, doing it might need some effort. Streaming is all about showing how you play with your actual real-time response towards the game, where you have audiences who watch your streaming video. Or many gamers like to share their steam screenshot folder with others.

It’s as if you brought them to your own gaming room while trying to defeat that vicious boss that will allow you to finish the entire game.

There are different platforms that allow you to stream (gaming platform) your video online, here are some:


YouTube Gaming


If you do not know how to set up your stream (gaming platform), just read this article to know how depending on what platform device and platform that you are going to use.

First of all, you will need these requirements to start streaming:

Gaming gadget (PC, PlayStation, SmartPhone, etc.)

Gaming headset with a built-in microphone or an external microphone can do


High internet speed

Streaming platform accounts (YouTube Gaming, Twitch, Mixer account)

How to Stream in Different Devices and Platforms

Windows Professional Computer (PC)

Professional Computers are the most widely used device in the gaming community. Here’s how to stream using this gadget.

            Video Game Streaming with Twitch

Twitch has an enormous number of users, and this is worth the try. If you want to use this, you will need to install some applications, but here are the steps:

Register your Twitch account

Copy the given streaming key, which is a personal link connected to your streaming profile

If you want basic streaming, download the simple streaming software: Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

Input your Twitch profile’s streaming key to OBS, and it will allow you to stream

You will be given choices if you prefer a full desktop streaming or not. But if you prefer a professional streaming type, download the version of OBS from Streamlabs.

            Video Game Streaming with Mixer

Register your Mixer account

Start Mixer app

Press the ‘Windows Game Bar’, which will assist you to the steps you’ll need to follow as a newbie

Click ‘Broadcast’ found beside the red recording button

Select your streaming source (desktop or in-game)

Allow your devices’ use (camera and microphone)

Hit ‘Start Broadcast’

PlayStation 4

            Video Game Streaming with Twitch

Locate the controller’s ‘Share’ button, and press it

Choose ‘Broadcast Gameplay’

Choose ‘Twitch’

Connect your Twitch user details using Mac or Windows PC

If you want to stream your reactions, Sony’s PlayStation Eye Camera is required

Hit ‘Start Broadcasting’

Video Game Streaming with YouTube

Press the ‘Share’ button

Choose YouTube

Input your account information

Adjust the settings on your preference

Select ‘Start Broadcasting’

Xbox One

            Video Game Streaming with Mixer (Xbox’s Default Streaming Platform)

Register Mixer account on their website

Press down the Xbox button

Select the ‘Broadcast’ tab

Hit ‘Start Broadcast’

            Video Game Streaming with Twitch

Get the Twitch software

Open the application

Take note of the code given

Input it on the PC using your Twitch user details

Press the Xbox button

Choose ‘Twitch’

Select ‘Broadcast’

Hit ‘Start Broadcast’

The gaming world has already evolved to a point where we can already share it to the whole world via the streaming feature. From here, you can meet more gamers to have fun with. This just proves that games are not just games. They’re all fun and playing until you encounter audiences who will respect you for such a great gamer you are.

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