Ways to Stream Your Gaming Sessions

With all the technological advancements, playing video games and film streaming is more than just letting your friends come over to your house. Aside from interacting with players around the world, you can share your gaming sessions via live streaming. Continue reading if you’re interested in broadcasting your gaming sessions.

Twitch is a platform that makes film streaming your games much easier. You can stream your game live, enter the link of your stream on your blog or webpage, share the video on your social media and chat with your viewers.  This is one of the basics of broadcasting your games. Steam is almost similar to Twitch. However, it can only be used on computers. It also doesn’t start broadcasting or recording unless someone starts watching. Before going through the steps, make sure that you register on Twitch first.

Streaming Using a Computer

You need to download software to broadcast. You can see a lot from Twict, but XSplit will be your best choice. Although it is easy to use, you ought to pay monthly for annotations, custom logos, and other advanced functions.


Here are the ways to broadcast using XSplit.

  • You need to register an account and install the server.
  • Launch the program and register your account on Twitch
  • Start the game you like to broadcast.
  • To open the interface, you press Ctrl + Tab keys.
  • Choose “Broadcast” to begin.

If you press Alt + Tab or quit the game, the streaming will be paused. By using this software’s overlay, you can mute sounds from your mic or the computer, insert footage from your camera, or talk to other users. As mentioned, there are more advanced features with the paid version.

Streaming Using an Xbox One

To start and broadcast, you should install Twitch first on your Xbox One and connect your account. Here are the steps listed.

  • Launch Twitch on your console.
  • Click “Log in” from the left part of the app menu
  • Enter twitch.tv/activate on your phone or computer browser.
  • Connect your account by inputting the 6-digit code.

When a confirmation shows that your accounts are connected, this is the time you start streaming. You just need to click “Broadcast.” Then, you’ll see a prompt asking you to choose between using audio in your microphone or Kinect video. If you have Kinect, you can just need to instruct verbally and start broadcasting your gaming session.

Streaming Using PS 4

Using this console is easier since you can access Twitch directly and stream. There is a “Share” button on the new PS 4 controller to start broadcasting your game. Listed are the steps in doing so.

  • Press “Share” while you’re playing.
  • Choose between Twitch or Ustream as your online service.
  • After you connect your account, you need your phone or computer nearby to launch your chosen service’s website.
  • Type in a title for your stream and click “Start Broadcast.”

This is the easiest way to broadcast your gaming sessions among all the methods mentioned because no extra program installment needed. The “Share” menu is also convenient since you can record, screenshot, and upload on YouTube easily.

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