A Comparison of the Office and Gaming Chair

Some people are unable to differentiate between a gaming chair and an office chair.  Although they are different in many ways, they both have some advantages and disadvantages.

As explained by  gamingperipherals.net, it is up to the gamers to choose either of the two for their gaming sessions. Here is a comparison of the two; including their similarities, differences, pros, and cons.

The differences between office and gaming chair

Gaming chairs

Gaming chairs are made by combining ergonomics with eye-catching and sporty designs that give them special appearances and looks. In addition to the appearance, they are fitted with additional features to improve your gaming experience.  These features include integrated speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and pedals and steering wheels.

Office chairs

Office chairs do not have extra features. Instead, designers of office chairs focus on sophisticated ergonomic design to maintain the productivity of the users throughout the long working hours in the office.

A comparison of features in office and gaming chair

The design of gaming chairs is often inspired by popular video games or racing themes. On the other hand, office chairs are designed to support the productivity of the users with no particular inspiration for the design.

Additionally, gaming chairs are available in many colors and built-in features. In contrast, office chairs are available in few colors and with less visually striking features

Gaming chairs have complex adjustability with creative ergonomic designs that make them suitable for gaming during long sessions. On the other hand, office chairs lack most adjustment options such as the rocking mechanism and armrests which are fully adjustable.

Pros of gaming chairs

Have gaming-inspired appearances and looks

They are suitable for gaming during long sessions

Have multiple adjustment options

Their ergonomic design is highly comfortable

Pros of office chairs

Their design is office-styled

Their ergonomic design is comfortable

Specifically designed to improve productivity

Features of a good chair

A good chair should have an ergonomic design that promises comfort while using the chair. The essential features of a good chair include:

Height, depth and pan adjustments

Backrests to relieve back muscles

Adjustable armrests for taking the weight off your shoulders

A backward tilt for providing relief to the disc

Lumbar support

Which is better between the two?

It is hard to tell which is better between gaming and office chair. However, if you are a serious gamer, you would not spend long hours playing games while seated on a regular office chair. You would need a gaming chair if you are to play games for long hours.

However, an office chair would still do although it lacks the special features that are present in a gaming chair. An office chair has ergonomic features that make it comfortable for the users. Therefore, the choice is on the gamer.

Final Thought

Both gaming and office chairs have ergonomic features that make them comfortable to the users. However, gaming chairs have extra features that improve the gaming experience. Although the two chairs can be used by gamers, gaming chairs would be more preferred when gaming for long hours because it has additional features.

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