The Surprisingly Entertaining ‘Farming Simulator’ Esports League

As the E-sports scene has grown to be more popular with the emergence of diverse AI simulations like american truck simulator mods and many individuals having access to most competitive games, there will be no shortage of entertainment and can even be an income generator for what was supposed to be a money-costing, health-degrading past time.

Grand stages with millions of cash prize are being offered on contests for supremacy on DOTA 2, League Of Legends and the recent Fortnite. While all of that is happening, a small spotlight is shining on a league for a game called ‘Farming Simulator’.

What is Farming Simulator?

Farming Simulator is a game that focuses on farming crops. The game is similar to a truck simulator that lets you do the farming to harvesting and storage. Also, you can make gaming mechanics easier with a selection of different tractors.

How did Farming Simulator become an entertaining E-sports league?

The gameplay might sound boring since it is far from the themes of bloody combat and unmerciful conquests. But the rules implemented by the organizers made it so much entertaining. Here are the things being applied:

Two teams, with three players each, are given fifteen minutes to get the highest score possible by changing wheat into a pile of bales and store them to the barn.

A wide range of farming tools can be done such as harvesters and loaders, with a chance to select a different tractor on every round.

A rush rule grants any team an instant win to whoever manages to grab three certain vehicle types during the game.

The contest is a best-of-three game’s setup.

In the first few minutes, there can be a slow start. Teams are just about to score. But when the teams are progressing on their harvesting methods, that is where the intensity raises a notch.

The game can become fast-paced, with the only goal is to harvest as many bales as they can using the methods they employ. A comeback can even be possible with an upgrade of the transport vehicle that can turn the harvesting capability around.

As the time limit is about to conclude, a drop of bale from the conveyor belt can bring out such emotion wherein it can be the very deciding factor on who will be the winner. And just like any strategy game, micromanaging is the key factor.

A Few Issues

The ‘rush rule’ may be a strategic option for any team. They can either play the contest or aim for the instant win. However, from the perspective of the audience, a metaphorical deathmatch is what they are hoping to see.

The ‘rush rule’ can be a bummer to what was supposed to be a showdown of strategy and skills. This can be improved or if not, be completely removed.

Another aspect of the emerging league that needs to be improved is the commentary. Shoutcasting is greatly helpful to the audience, whether casual or competitive players, by hyping each important moment of the game and providing in-depth analysis of the pros and cons.


It may seem not only strategic games and shooting arcade contests can be marketed into an E-sports league. A boring game similar to a truck simulator can become very entertaining under such creative organization and intense contest mechanics.

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