How To Get Into The Game Of Dungeons & Dragons

Long before the development of various storylines of warrior games and the creation of CGI-induced action-adventure films, lovers of the fantasy genre had been entertained with Dungeons and Dragons. By there are many things that D&D players will adore forever.

The name already speaks of itself what the player should be expecting. It may seem fun to know at first but how to get into it might need more than just the time to spare.

Materials Needed

To be able to play Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D, you need the following materials:

The latest edition of the Player’s Handbook

One set of dice (D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, and D4)

Printed sheets of characters


A whiteboard used for maps

Easy-erase markers

An adventure, which is a pre-made book containing a story, non-playable characters, and monsters

This game is played with your imagination but it is bounded by set rules. The storylines can be diverse and sometimes it becomes the determining factor of entertainment.

For beginners, a ‘one-shot’ adventure is recommended to get hooked on. This means that the adventure in the game can be finished in one session. There is also a ‘campaign’ adventure, wherein players can engage in a game that spans multiple sessions and can be continued at any time preferable.

Adventures and other D&D-related materials can be bought in hobby shops or can be ordered online. The dungeon master, the narrator or moderator of the game, has the most important role and a guide book, aside from the handbook, is available for starters.

Learning the Rules

The terminologies applied in D&D can be found in most fantasy-themed entertainment pieces. However, due to how the game is being played with just the imagination of narration and results determine by the toss of the dice, the rules can seem complicated for beginners.

With the latest version of the handbook, the way the game is being played, and the way the dungeon master facilitates the adventure is being organized.

Selection of Players

Everybody can play D&D but the whole game hinges on the participation of each player. The competition is not based on the individual but the collective success of the adventure. These people are not necessarily gamers or not even your friends.

As long as the participants have empathy and above-normal creativity in thinking, then the game can be fully enjoyed. For beginners, start with your friends that have the same interests as you. Also, the selection of dungeon masters can help in making the game dynamic just as designed.

Approach to the Game

D&D needs a party of at least 4 persons, with 1 as a dungeon master, to be playable. It is hard to convince other people to be even interested in the game, let alone play it.

If you are looking for players, make sure you encourage them to be open-minded and at the same time, rule-abiding. It is a game with so many options to choose that it appears you can do anything as you have imagined. Also, for conservative fellows, emphasize that this game is not a form of demon-worshipping.

Each D&D session can last for hours. Set the schedule and location where there won’t be any interruptions. Also, it will be helpful to have plenty of snacks available and some drinks to help lighten the mood and promote more camaraderie.


D&D may not be suited to everybody and sometimes introverts and geeks can only find the utmost fun in it. However, if you at least try a single session, it may be the best time to unleash your adventure fantasies you have imagining about.

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