15 eSports Blogs, Influencers, and Websites to Watch for in 2020

If you are a fan of Esports news, here are some blogs, websites and influencer to pay attention to in 2020. If you are one of the top fan, you must be aware of the Vampire in Skyrim which is quite popular now.

  • The Esports Observer (TEO)

TEO is a leading platform if you want to get the latest e-sport news. Many businesses follow this platform to get the latest opportunities available for exploitation. TEO is known for offering business intelligence in sports, as well as reports. They also organize and host sports events and conferences.

  • Toornament Blog

This blog aims at creating a place where players with a similar passion can connect. Players benefit from this blog by interacting with professionals. Toornament blog is also known to offer advice to sports organizers.

  • Esports Insider

Esports Insider has been in operation since 2016. It offers e-sport news on various sports. They have been offering interviews with various sports personalities and stakeholders, sports reviews, opinions, and events promotion.

  • ESTNN Esports News

This channel offers e-sport news to the followers. They are also known for sharing live streams as well as tournament coverage. On this channel, you can find various sports news articles on various matters of sports.

  • Esports News UK

Esports News UK has been in existence for over ten years and is limited to UK sports. They have comprehensive coverage of the latest sports news, reports, and interviews.

  • eSportsJunkie

This blog mainly focuses on E-sport News from League of Legend, CS: GO, Overwatch, and Dota 2. They also focus on other interesting games in the sports industry. In addition to news, they also cover events.

  • Esports Betting Tips

Sports betting has become a major part of the sports industry. This blog has professionals who offer advice for betting on various games.

  • eSports Marketing Blog

eSports Marketing blog was developed in 2014, and it has been offering various information on sports marketing and statistics. They also sponsor events and offer advice on sports investment.

  • Challenger Mode

This is an interesting platform where gamers can engage in interesting competitions. The players get a chance to participate in the league of legends. There are real rewards, such as money. In addition, gamers improve their skills and interact with other interested players.

  • Esports in Las Vegas Blog

This blog keeps sports lovers updated on the sports events happening in Las Vegas. In addition to information on the upcoming events, you can also view local events and tournaments.

  • Reddit|esports

This blog offers a platform for an open discussion on sports. Sports lovers can discuss various topics, including recent game news. The blog is highly active, with about 19 posts per day.

  • Gambling Sites Blog

This site offers online gambling with various categories. People get real rewards, such as money. This blog also offers some information on safe gambling tips.

  • The Game Haus

The Game Haus gives news on various sports. They are also known for their spot commentary on various leagues, including NBA, league of legend, NFL, and many more. They usually have about 18 posts per day.

  • The Dotabuff Blog

This blog was developed in December 2013 to promote Cota 2. It gives various statistics for Dota 2 players and offer a platform to share games. Many players have benefited from this blog.

  • Esports Preview

This site has sport professionals who give reviews on various sports and sports personalities. They also offer E-sport News.

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