Professional Video Game Testers

Imagine being a professional video game tester – it sounds like so much fun, right? Video games at your disposal all day and night, with the latest graphics and specs! But here are some things you should know before you jump at a job as a video game tester as profession.

However, there is much more entailed in this job description. This article gives you specific, reliable information that will help you make an informed decision before going on the exciting albeit challenging career path of testing games.

Facts About Video Game Testers

Job Description 

Testing games usually means finding bugs in games. Programmers fix all bugs and perfect the games before their release. Game testers test games multiple times and report findings to the game programmers.

The focus of game testing is to finish playing the game. Game testers must complete all levels, test all menus, play with all characters, and utilize all maneuvers. All range of play must be taken into account. All bugs must be located, fixed, and the game re-tested by game testers until the game is pretty much flawless.

The reported findings must be detailed and the gameplay wherein the bug is located must be carefully noted and replicated for programmers.

Salary Potential 

The average salary for game testers is $53k per year according to Glassdoor. Experienced professionals may make more than $70k per year.

Required Skill Set

The required skill set needed depends on the gaming company. On average, game testing does not require high educational attainment. A college degree may not be required. Experience with video games is highly valued.

The field can be rather competitive so degrees in computer programming, video graphics, game design, and other related fields may give a game tester an advantage in getting employment by making them stand out from other applicants.

Other skills include communication skills, eye for details, troubleshooting talents, and creativity. The work involves looking at a screen a lot and maybe repetitive, so it is important that game testers have strong work ethics, a love for video games, and long attention spans.

Work Environment

The work environment may be at home, with personal equipment used for game testing

or in a company-owned studio.

Available Jobs

Some companies have permanent game testers on their payroll, whereas other companies hire game testers when it’s needed.

The video game market is booming. Many companies are coming up and there are multiple opportunities, especially for college students, to experience this career path before committing tot fully, or as a temporary avenue for extra income.

Video Game Testing Perks 

If you love video games then interacting with new games is the biggest perk. Others may not get to play the game for years, but you will know every hack, maneuver, and character in detail.

Another perk is that testing games are a great way to entertain the gaming industry. The job requires little experience but the experience can be built, higher positions attained, and the pay scale increased. This experience will come in handy in the world of game development, game design, and game engineering.

Being a professional video game tester does not mean you will have fun playing video games every day. It is highly repetitive, tasking, and detailed work. The skill requirement is usually not high, however other skills come in handy. If you enjoy playing video games, and you would like to work professionally in the field – or gain extra income by the side, this may be the path for you.

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