The Best PC Games Of 2020

With the ongoing pandemic, everyone is required to stay at home if there are no necessary affairs to attend to. You can see more here about the same. And for gamers like you, this is probably the best chance to immerse yourself without having a worry about being ‘unproductive’.

This year, co-op online games have been so popular due to the need to interact with other people during the lockdown. There are other great PC games in other gaming formats as well that you may check out.

Best Battle Royale Games

First-person shooting games have ventured from team game to battle royale. One of the more realistic and less cartoonish shooting games is the latest free-to-play installment of Call of Duty: Warzone. Not only it has layers of complexity while appearing to be simple, but it also makes navigation convenient, and therefore, it will translate to the more strategic approach of the game.

Another great free-to-play shooting game is Valorant, a 5-on-5 team game with a Counter-Strike/Overwatch appeal. A non-shooting battle royale that gains popularity due to streaming platforms like Twitch is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, an obstacle course-theme game.

Best Action-Adventure Games

Star Wars is always a subject for an action-adventure type of game. The Star Wars: Squadron is a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping shooting game using a wide roster of vehicles. Each map boasts scenic views either on a remote planet’s atmosphere or during a skirmish of intergalactic fleets.

The offline RPG genre never gets old especially on games like Wasteland 3. This post-nuclear-themed game has retained most of the core gaming elements of its predecessors but the great improvement lies in the rich, snowy setting and the less clutter in the character’s interaction.

Another RPG game that became a surprise hit is Genshin Impact. It is free-to-play with inspirations from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and incorporates a balance between being a loot-reliant and a skill-based game.

Best Strategy Games

Do you want to relive being a general from the glory days of Starcraft and Command & Conquer games? Maybe the Total War series can pique your interest with its latest installment, Total War: Troy. You can engage in the legendary battles being depicted from Greek mythology involving the war sparked by Helen’s beauty and ended by the large, covert, wooden horse.

If you want a steampunk strategy game, check out Iron Harvest. The gameplay centers on reaching the stage where you are able to wield mechanical robots, made from World War 1 tech to your advantage.

Crusader Kings 3 might encourage less action but the storyline is so captivating that even a non-history buff can get hooked. This role-playing game enables you to exercise diverse decision makings as one of the European rulers during the medieval era.

Surprise Hits

You may be familiar with Among Us as it has been a common subject for game streamers. This online game is very strategic amidst its simplistic gameplay and fewer demands on computer resources. Even if it was released in 2018, it has gained an exponential following during the quarantine months of 2020 because of the thrill and the analysis needed.

Do you want to be a pilot but can’t afford the education and training? Well, you can compensate for the feeling of satisfaction by playing the Microsoft Flight Simulator. You may want to level up your hardware though for you may have the planet Earth as your ‘playground’.


PC gaming in 2020 has something for each type of gamer: an adrenaline-junkie, a history buff, a minimalist on computer resources, and a patient racer. Some of them are free-to-play and some are needed to be purchased. These games can give you an optimistic view despite the hardships brought by the pandemic.

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