Scrabble GO: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

If you’re so into word games and mental exercises, then you probably tried searching and downloading apps online. Scrabblego cheat is one app that you may install on your device for free (with ads) through the App Store for Apple devices and the Google Playstore for android. Many people have tried this game already—most probably because the average of the reviews is at 4.4 stars both in the App Store and Playstore.


Who wouldn’t like scrabble games on the go? It is fun to have a scrabble app that will release you from boredom and will let you interact with your friends and other mystery players. Scrabble GO lets you choose the match you want to be in—with a friend, with a bot, with a random opponent, or as a sole player. It’s classic, though they added a few modifications and features such as boosts and gems, which may help you in ranking up and be a top scorer.

Scrabble GO Experience

There are many negative comments from users that are not impressed despite the good reviews this app has. The top reasons for their negative comments are the following:

  • Slow bots. If you choose to play with a bot, you are expecting lightning-fast moves. But that’s not the case with this app. Their bots are really slow. Also, the moves the bots give are very basic and are really easy to defeat. It is not challenging, and it is close to boring.
  • The In-app purchases. The app offers its users to buy gems and in-app items that they may use for their matches. These items may not be costly, but they’re not that useful either. The shop also becomes a way for trolls to scam other users.
  • Many women who have negative comments about the app said that people playing Scrabble GO online tend to chat with them. These chats are often from men looking for dates and from scammers looking for their next victim. The security of the app is not enough to protect its users from unwanted trolls.
  • The system. Once you started a game with an actual online opponent (a friend or a random match, perhaps) and you started having promising high scores, your opponent on the losing side can just quit the game and leave you out. The ending will not be pretty because you won’t be considered the winner of the match automatically. You will end up with a half-finished game, which in most cases, are stuck as that and never finished. There are a lot of users who end up with a bunch of half-finished games. This is a bad reputation as a player, and it is also frustrating.

Final Word

Unfortunately,  companies that developed the app (Hasbro and Mattel) face problems with the said app earlier this year, mainly due to licensing. Due to this, the recent updates are showing that there is a high chance that Scrabble GO will be gone for good.

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