Beginners Guide to Warpath on PC: How to Build Camps and Train in the Army

Warpath is the most recent game in the market. Warpath is intriguing, and it offers players a different gaming experience compared to other popular war games. Some of the uniqueness the game has is the troop training systems and base building. There are also some exciting combat elements. For example, how the world map works and how the units progress and level up.

Are you learning about the Warpath game? Our comprehensive beginner’s guide will ensure you get all the information you need when starting to play.

Your Base

Most if not all, strategy games give characters their base. When the game starts, your base will only be an empty piece of land. You will get your first airdrop, which is part of your tutorial. The first thing you do is to find a way to establish yourself on the land and build a structure.

Warpath is unique because unlike other games where your operations base is displayed on a different map, your base in Warpath will be shown on the said map. Thus, you can train troops, construct buildings, and fight NPC units. All this information will be on the same screen. Therefore, the game is similar to an RTS game.

As you play on, you will construct more buildings and unlock additional features. However, you will have a Field Command Center. At the center, you can order Airdrops and upgrade the center as you unlock more levels.

Your Building

The building you will have to do in this game is essential. Like we earlier said, you will have a piece of empty land. To build, you will click on the land, and choose a structure. It will instantly get built.

Upgrading the building will follow the same steps. You will click on the structure, and you will find an “update” option among the pop-ups. The upgrade will be possible if you meet the prerequisites. If you have ample resources, you will easily purchase the enhancement you want.

The more you play, the more you rank high and get access to new units and better buildings.

Army and Barracks

Once you are done constructing your Field Command Center, you will gain access to the Barracks. The barracks are also a distinguishing factor between Warpath and other games.

Other games will allow you to train any number of troops, provided you have the needed resources. On the other hand, Warpath each Barracks building will unlock an army. Then you can equip these troops, and the building will produce several soldiers. The higher level you achieve, the more soldiers you get per squad.

Your equipped army will be ready for deployment. You can control your troop the same as any RTS game. By dragging the to move to a particular spot. Also, you have the liberty to choose an enemy you would like to attack. The troop will advance towards the enemy and engage in combat.

During the fight, your soldier could end up taking fire. Thus, they may need replenishing. You can restore their health and ability on your Army screen. Note that you will have to pay for some resources, for example, Reserve Troops, which is a stamina-like currency.

With our tips above, you can play Warpath easily. It is an engaging and intriguing game that will keep you glued to the screen. Good luck with your game!

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