Tips on How to Build Your Camp and Win Battles on Warpath

Playing the warpath Game will give you a different experience in playing mobile strategy games. It stands out from games in the same genre because of its unique game mechanics, how you do battles, and gather units and resources.

Are you interested in playing this game? Read this guide first to know different tips on how to build your camp and win battles on this game.

Understand the Game’s Story

Even though this is a common strategy in playing many mobile games, understanding the story and missions on Warpath is crucial to winning battles.

That is because it will help you start creating the vital structures in the correct order throughout the game.

Not only will you have a great start in the game, but you will also get many excellent incentives. These include resources, power-ups, game money, and resources after finishing a chapter.

Nevertheless, the most critical aspect is completing the chapters quickly to upgrade your account. Once you have upgraded your account, you will then have the chance to receive more units and buildings.

One of these is the much-desired extra barracks. These make it possible to send troops in battles and give you a lot more firepower.

Select Units to the Army Slots All the Time

Since you understand about barracks, it will help you know that the gameplay is different from other strategy games.

Rather than training your troops constantly each time the timer ends, it would be best to build barracks. Every barrack gives you an army slot where you can place your roster’s unit. Then, you can use your funds and keep your troops to train and send them to the field.

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that your troops do not automatically heal unless you get a first aid kit from defeated enemies. If the HP level is low, you can go to the army screen and use your funds to restore their HP to full level and improve their ranking.

Create Items Using Your Engineering Hubs

Many games utilize resources to build structures. The same goes for the Warpath Game. Some can be obtained directly from sources such as funds, steel, and oil. You can access the top panel of your screen to check the number of resources you have.

However, some buildings need specific items to acquire by making them in your engineering centers. Engineering centers are buildings that you can access at the start of the game.

Some of these materials are bricks, cement, and planks, among many others. You cannot gather this from the map, but you can get them from defeated enemies. That is why the best way to have these special items is to make them.


Hopefully, these tips can help you have a better and more enjoyable Warpath Game. These are great to follow whether you are starting with the game or you have been playing it for quite some time.

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