Tips for Playing the New Tower Defense of Genshin Impact

The genshin impact interactive world map had been a worldwide success in bringing excitement to its players. With its magnificent virtual combats, it will make you crave more playing time. And like any other electronic game, Genshin Impact provides you with yet another milestone through its new tower defense.

What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is known for its diverse features that most players want in a game. This is a place where you can enjoy exploring and level up your status as a player. You can also fight monsters, which will test your skills, or climb up mountains for some discoveries. It is an adventure in the virtual realm.

With the addition of another tower defense mode, you surely do not want to miss playing it. So, here are some tips on how to play the new tower defense of Genshin Impact:

  • Head to Liyue Harbor

Liyue Harbor is a place where you can join events. These are commonly known as lantern festival events. There are different towers in this place to choose from. You can either build or set-up your tools here that can be useful in fighting enemies.

Most importantly, this is where you can find the new tower defense. It is called the Theater Mechanicus. It is a spectacular name for the new tower defense.

  • Watch out for Ruijin

After heading to the Liyue Harbor, you can now seek Ruijin. She is located in the northern area of the place. She will be starting your journey at the new game mode.

  • Find a partner

Playing alone is good for developing your combat skills. But teaming up with someone is even better. If you think you can not handle your enemies by yourself, you can always look for a partner to be your comrade. Battling in teams is a good way of preventing further invasions.

  • Look Out for Towers

In the new defense tower of Genshin Impact, you can find various towers that will lend you powerful attacks. It can also be upgraded to enhance its damage to your foes. Here are some of the towers you can look out for in the Theater Mechanicus:

  1. Veneficus Mechanicus: Thin Ice

This tower can supplement you with a periodic frost bullet that shoots in a straight direction.

  1. Veneficus Mechanicus: Tidal Flats

A cool tower that can heavily damage opponents by firing water cannons.

  1. Veneficus Mechanicus: Spark

This tower can bombard the enemy with its blazing sparks that massively explode to them.

  • Apply Elemental Effects

In Genshin Impact’s new tower defense, you can not use your weapon or ability to hurt the enemies. But the good thing is that there is another way to do so. You just need to apply elemental effects to the enemies. This is where the different kinds of towers become handy.

  • Convert Peace Talismans

Playing in the Theater Mechanics allows you to earn peace talismans. Then, you can use it to trade for an item you want. A four-star character is the most valuable item you can convert to from your peace talismans. You will need to have one thousand peace talismans to earn such an item.

Final Words

Genshin Impact’s new tower defense brings you to another level of playing mode. You can learn new tactics in combat and gain unending experiences. This new upgrade to the system will truly delight you to battle in a new arena where fun and excitement can be found.

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