The Year Of The Raven Arrives With A Rough Start

It’s time to wave goodbye to the Year of the Mammoth and welcome the Year of the Raven. Another year has started for Hearthstone but the new rotations were quite a damper. As in 2017, three full expansions are expected but Hearthstone players were only delivered a small teaser, so far, at least.

Hearthstone ran into some issues following the Year of the Raven announcement that has implications on the ranked play. They’re off to a rough start but it another reveal is expected to come after the issues have been sorted out.

Despite these issues, there are enough surprises that have kept the game fresh.

Card Set Rotations

The Year 2018 will see expansion sets to be rotated into the Wild format. These include Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan, and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. That means you can no longer play the cards on these sets on Standard format. However, you can still purchase the expansion packs and adventure from the Blizzard shop.

In addition to the expansion rotations, three cards are going to the Hall of Fame. In other words, they are placed into the Wild for balancing purposes. These cards include Coldlight Oracle, Ice Block, and Molten Giant.

These rotations were not really a surprise. The rotation of Coldlight Oracle puts an end to mill and fatigue decks which aim to coerce opponents to overdraw cards and die in fatigue damage. Owing to the uninteractive nature of mill decks, this was expected. Ice Block’s rotation was also expected. This will probably see the end of freeze/quest mages.


The Year of the Raven also brings three new expansions with single-player content. Players will attain cards from single battles with a series of bosses. But as was mentioned, there is no word about the expansions yet, except for a photo teaser.


As part of the Year of the Raven updates, Hearthstone players will only need to win fewer games because the minimum reward for all quests has been raised to 50 gold. However, winning games for most of a player’s quests still remains as the game’s mechanics.

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