Critics Call Astralis Victory ‘Boring’ And ‘Typical’

After a winning streak in 2018, many have slammed the success of professional CS: GO esports team Astralis and called it “boring” and “typical”.
Astralis was pretty much unbeatable when it won the FACEIT Major London 2018, the BLAST Pro Series: Lisbon 2018 and the Intel Grand Slam. They have stayed on the top spot of the HLTV rankings for 64 weeks since April 23 last year and currently rank first in the world.
Despite their success, they have been criticized for employing a boring play. Some have compared Astralis to Floyd Mayweather of Counter-Strike: the “best but boring to watch.” Others …

Two Cents On Hearthstone Standard

The new Hearthstone expansions are met with issues concerning the changes in the game’s meta. This has led us to look at and offer our two cents on Standard.
Standard was presented as an end-all tool to balance the meta. At the beginning of each year, there would be a big balance patch for the standard set. From there, Standard was supposed to assure the variety of decks in the game. However, this was not the case. It appears that Standard cannot balance the meta.
Since the new expansion set, One Night in Karazhan, Blizzard has released nerfs with it. This is not ideal with rotating sets…

The CSGO Latest Halloween-Themed Update

Valve has released an update to Counter-Strike Global Offensive that brought changes which are more fun and light-hearted. The latest update became available on the 23rd of October where the changes look spooky to fit the approaching Halloween feels. These changes include:

BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2018 Overview

The BLAST Pro Copenhagen 2018 is one of three BLAST Pro Series events, two of which are in Lisbon and Istanbul. Six teams are playing for a piece of the USD$230,000 prize pool at the Copenhagen, Royal Arena.
Prize Pool
The prize pool is spread as follows:

the first placer with USD125,000,
second with USD$50,000,
third with USD$25,000,
fourth with USD$15,000,
fifth with USD$10,000,
sixth with USD$5,000.


Cloud 9,
Ninjas in Pyjamas,
FaZe Clan,
Natus …

Getting Better At Dota 2 In 2019

It’s that time of the year when we have the firmest resolve to do something than ever. Rather than aiming for a healthier diet or a regular exercise, why don’t you take advantage of the times and the surge of determination to be better at something you really love?  Brushing up on Dota 2 is not as complicated and not as fun; it’s a party! Here are some ideas:
Advance Your Skills
On the surface, playing better may just look like spending a lot of time every day on Dota 2. But, it is also more than that. It is also about knowing what in-game skill you want to improve on. It may be about warding or …

Dota 2-Themed Merchandise

As Dota 2 fans, themed merch would not escape us. Collections of Dota skins and other digital goodies drain our pockets, but it is all done for good reasons. It’s not only to provide entertainment, but it’s also a way to be a part of the community and to support it. For some, it is also a way to represent a favorite team or organization. Although it is a community, the production of Dota 2-themed merch is not centralized, perhaps partly because it is a huge community. If you have only looked at Valve and Blizzard, you might still be missing a lot of goods. That’s why we thought this information might prove useful …

2018 Hearthstone Global Games Overview

The Hearthstone Global Games 2018 features 48 teams from different countries in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. They compete in the Swiss Rounds on July 16-September 6 and Dual Tournament on September 18-27 until eight teams emerge to advance to the Finals at BlizzCon.
Prize Pool
A prize pool of USD$409,600 will be spread to the teams as follows:

the first placer with USD$50,000,
second with USD$40,000,
3-4th with USD$30,000,
5-6th with USD$20,0000, 7-8th with
9-11th with USD$10,000,
12-15th with USD$8,000,

BLAST Pro Series: Lisbon 2018 Overview

The BLAST Pro Lisbon 2018 is one of the BLAST Pro Series events, two of which are in Copenhagen and Istanbul. Six teams are playing for a piece of the USD$230,000 prize pool. The event takes place in Lisbon, Altice Arena.
Prize Pool
The prize pool is spread among the teams as such:

the first placer with USD4125,000,
second placer with USD$50,000, and
third with USD$25,000.
fourth will earn USD415,000,
fifth: USD$10,000,
sixth: USD$5,000.

The following teams are participating:

Ninjas …