Dota 2-Themed Merchandise

As Dota 2 fans, themed merch would not escape us. Collections of Dota skins and other digital goodies drain our pockets, but it is all done for good reasons. It’s not only to provide entertainment, but it’s also a way to be a part of the community and to support it. For some, it is also a way to represent a favorite team or organization. Although it is a community, the production of Dota 2-themed merch is not centralized, perhaps partly because it is a huge community. If you have only looked at Valve and Blizzard, you might still be missing a lot of goods. That’s why we thought this information might prove useful to you.

Valve And Blizzard Merch

Last year, there weren’t a lot of new choices besides the regular collectibles such as Valve’s Dotakins and Micro Plushes. There were pajamas, beanies, shirts, leggings, pillows, and glassware. Some of the new sets of merchandise include underwear as well as t-shirts with designs from community artists.

Blizzard might have more varieties of merch than Valve because they usually update the story many times in a year. Valve, on the other hand, releases once as its big blowout sale of the year.

Merchandise From Teams

As we have said, there are markets for Dota 2 merch outside of Blizzard and Valve as well. So, if you are frustrated with the choices – although that can be hard given the variety that’s already accessible – there are other choices out there, too. Some teams make their own Dota skins and offer them to their fans.

The more established teams have more varieties to offer. Fnatic, for one, has very good options from gaming gear to apparel such as keyboards, mouse, and seasonal clothes such as hoodies for winter, among others. also have a good range if you do a little digging.

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