What Happens When You Take Gaming Drugs?

One of the rapidly growing industries today is called eSports. This is the name given to professional and competitive gaming. Here, players will compete with each other while being watched by an audience live or online.

Meanwhile, as more and more people get involved with competitive gaming, a lot of players tend to find ways to increase their skills with every game that they play. That’s when they introduce themselves to gaming drugs and buy cbd oil or Cannabis to enhance their skills.

Many professional players usually don’t get involved with these gaming drugs since, like any other sport, eSports also have strict rules and regulations to follow. But, that isn’t the case with amateur players – most are desperate to enhance their skills and many have tried using drugs. One of the many drugs most commonly used is CBD oil or Cannabis oil, which they say can help heighten your focus and relaxes your muscles.

To testify the legitimacy of these gaming drugs, one reporter named Maddy Myers made herself as a guinea pig in an experiment. She used two drugs namely, Ambrotose Complex and Stimpack while playing a popular online game called Street Fighter. These drugs were manufactured by leading pharmaceutical companies.

The former introduced itself as a glyconutrient formulation, but upon closer look, the drug was more likely an immune system booster and her test didn’t lead to any significant changes in her Street Fighter performance. The latter, on the other hand, markets itself as a gaming supplement. The drug suggests its use of a combination of caffeine and theobromine. In theory, theobromine neutralizes uneasiness and promotes focus while the caffeine serves as a stimulant. However, instead of increasing her skill in Street Fighter, her rank in the game flunked. She experienced excessive twitchiness, abnormal breathing, and increased heart rate up to 110 beats per minute while on Stimpack.

The results were less than desirable compared to what she expected. Her performance was clumsy since she could not keep her hands still. Maddy Myers described her experience as “humiliating” and that she was tempted to quit the game right away even before her test was over.

The above-mentioned drugs were just a sample of a wide population of gaming drugs that are readily accessible with gamers which take to their boost their ranks in the competitive gaming world. Those drugs tried by the reporter were artificially manufactured drugs whence, she could try natural drugs like the CBD oil or cannabis gum or tea. Maybe results may be more favorable the next time and she wouldn’t have to flunk her games.

It is now a reality that performance-amplifying drugs are making their way into the market. It is because of desperate players who choose to take a shortcut of increasing one’s skill instead of the long and tedious path of hard work. As Myers’ test went, there’s still a long way before players can find something polished and effective that truthfully enhances one’s abilities in competition. Gamers might just stick with the conventional stimulants such as a cup of coffee or tea and a good night’s rest to avoid experiencing Madd Myers’ encounter with those drugs.

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