AISO – Affordable Internet Services Online

This green web hosting provider has solar panels on its sunny Californian data center and office. It’s solar panel system reportedly eliminates the production of over 34,000ib’s of Carbon Dioxide, nearly 51lb’s of Nitogen Oxide and 37lbs of Sulfate (Acid Rain). All this equates to the planting of over 8 acres of trees a year.

AISO (Affordable Internet Services Online) is about as green as a green web hosting provider can get. They run both their data center and office with energy from solar panels on the roof, have foot-thick ecofriendly insulation in the building walls to minimize the use of heating and air conditioning, have cheap dedicated servers, and use solar tubes and windows to bring in natural light during the day rather than wasting energy on lighting.

As a result of these and other efforts, they are the first (and currently only public data center) that is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. They were also named to Inc. Magazine’s list of Top 50 Green Companies.

If that weren’t enough, AISO is also a member of Co-Op America, an EPA Green Power Partner, and the web hosting provider for Al Gore’s Live Earth.

Their Windows or Linux hosting plans start at $9.95/month for 500 MB of space, 5 GB of monthly data transfer, PHP5, CGI/Perl, ASP, and other features.

AISO offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee and 99.9+% uptime guarantee.

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