Using Tags to Promote Your Gaming Videos on Youtube

Have you been watching YouTube over the years and seen your favorite YouTubers steadily and consistently growing their subscribers and views? Have you wondered how these content creators are building their YouTube empires? If you’re interested in following in their footsteps then here is a s short guideline to building your very own YouTube empire.

One of the main ingredients to having a successful YouTube career (and having success in any field for that matter) is to pick a subject you’re passionate about and just start creating videos.¬† The more passionate about the subject you are the easier the videos will be to make and your viewers will be drawn in by how excited you are about the videos. If you look on YouTube there are videos about anything! So do not feel discouraged if you think you may not have anything “interesting” because the YouTube community is so large that you are bound to strike a cord with an audience. You just need to get your videos seen by that audience and then the rest will follow!

Plan ahead. If you are going to make a coherent and effective video you are going to need a plan of action.  Have you ever seen anyone on YouTube saying um every three seconds or sitting quietly while they collect their thoughts? Of course not because they have a well rehearsed script of things to be said and how to say them.

Edit well. Editing is everything in video, be it motion pictures or home movies. Windows comes with a program called the movie maker that is easy to use and includes some graphics to get you started. This is a cheap and easy way to include subtitles, credits and music to a lifeless vlog. If you have a mac, you can download a free software called “iMovie” and you can do all the necessary edits in that program.

Add relevant tags. Using accurate tags on your videos is a quick way to promote your video. The more accurate but general the tag is, the wider the reach of your videos will be. If you need help coming up with ideal tags for your video, check out this youtube keyword tool

Promote everywhere. So now you have a well edited video with zero malfunctions and are ready to make your debut. Problem is you want your audience to extend past your immediate family and that creepy guy from work. Spreading your video is easy enough with facebook, myspace and tweets that connect directly to your creations. Respond on the vlogs you watch everyday. Post links back to your channel in all of your social networking sites and send out video status updates in emails. Remember, no one knows you are out there until you tell them.

Maintain your vlog. The life of a vlogger depends solely on their viewers. Keeping this in mind, if you are planning a weekly vlog, post weekly. Keep recent and entertaining posts in your archives and respond to the responses you get. Remember that your online fame is in the hands of your fans.

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